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Why Pilates?

Joseph H. Pilates and his wife Clara developed the Pilates method during a period of 60 years. Using the mat work & equipment he invented, he was a pioneer in functional, full-body exercise. Pilates can improve posture & balance, strengthen & tone without adding bulk or tightness. It increases flexibility, muscle control and lung capacity. Pilates is perfect for anyone from post-rehab to the advanced athlete who is looking to cross train.

Float Yoga of Lancaster Pilates

Change happens through movement, and movement heals.

- Joseph H. Pilates

Why Float?

We offer both mat classes and equipment private sessions in a comfortable, fully equipped studio. Deb Nehlig's more than 25 years of experience teaching movement & fitness, and more than 12 years focused on teaching Pilates & yoga, will be used to develop lessons specific to your individual needs.

Float Yoga of Lancaster Pilates

My goal in every class or private lesson is to give people the guidance to create healthy, pain-free movement in order to live more fulfilling lives.

- Deb Nehlig
Certified Pilates Teacher

Pilates Mat


Suitable for novice Pilates students—and experienced movers alike—our Pilates mat sessions are well-rounded classes, with a moderate pace. A focus on controlled breath, core strength, long muscles, and uniform development are features of Float Pilates Mat—the essence of all Joe Pilates' work.

We have classes Monday and Wednesday at 9:15 a.m.; this is an ongoing class on the Float Yoga schedule.

No registration is needed. Please, check the Float Web site for any schedule changes related to inclement weather or instructor vacation.

Equipment Pilates


We offer Private and Semi-Private lessons on the full range of Pilates equipment. Our studio includes Pilates reformers, Trapeze table, Springboard, Combo chairs and barrels. Appointments are made directly with Deb Nehlig by calling or texting (717) 471-6868 or by e-mail: deb@float-yoga.com.



10 Pilates Mat Classes
for $112.50

Private Equipment Lessons
$70.00 each or 5 for $325.00
($65 each)

Semi-private Lessons
(2-3 people) $40.00 each or $175
($35 each)


New Equipment Students
3 Private Pilates Sessions for $150.00

SAVE 10%

Purchase a 10-Credit Pass
at Float Yoga for $112.50
(a 10% discount, friends).

Fabric Classes = 2 credits
Mat Yoga and Pilates = 1 credit

Duration Description Room Temp. Price/Credit Reserve
Floating Yoga 60 minutes Fabric is truly the best yoga prop. Floating yoga is replete with challenging poses, while many traditional poses will be felt more deeply. This hybrid class is a combination of the following: yoga, gymnastics, aerial arts, dance, deep tissue massage & adjustment.  Mix & serve with a side of "abtastic!" This class is for everyone with a playful spirit. 72°F/80°F $25/2 Reserve
Intro to Floating Yoga 45 minutes While this class is not mandatory for first-time floaters, it is a great "jumping off" point for the beginner floater. We learn to catch some air and to perform safe inversions where the head is mere inches off of the floor. Now, pepper in some traditional yoga poses done ultra fabulously airborne!Learn where to place the fabric on the body. This class is 45 minutes of floating fun. And, remember that this class is not a required prerequisite for other floating classes.
The Intro to Floating class on Tuesday mornings will not be available every week, because of instructor availability. We will, however, still offer it EVERY Monday evening at 7:45 p.m.
72°F/80°F $18/2 Reserve
Float Low 60 minutes The "slow and low" fabric class. Join us for a series of of gentle supported movements that are executed just a few inches off of the ground. Your body will gently flex and extend while being held weightlessly in space. Your spine will be nourished and refreshed. Experience the deepest relaxation while restoring the body. This class is for everyone, and expect to leave with that "I've just had the best massage." feeling! 72°F/80°F $25/2 Reserve
*Rare Air 60 minutes The fabric class that will KICK your A**. Hey, I was gonna say, "Abs!" In the interest of full disclosure, your legs and chest will get a great workout, too.
*Participants should attend 4 Floating Yoga classes before trying this cardio-conditioning fabric class.
72°F/80°F $12.50/1
Special price for a limited time.
60 minutes Flowing sequences of traditional poses linked together through the breath. Modifications are always available. This class is for everyone. 72°F/80°F $12.50/1 Reserve
Hot Vinyasa
Float Yoga - Hot Yoga
60 minutes This 60-minute class is set to 90°F. You will have fun, sweat and MOVE! 90°F $12.50/1 Reserve
Gentle Yoga 60 minutes As a slower-paced yoga — rest, recharge and rejuvenate are the cornerstones of this Yin side of yoga. Open your hips, open your heart and breathe deep. This class is for everyone. 72°F/80°F $12.50/1 Reserve
Private Pilates / Equipment N/A Private pilates by appointment only:
(717) 471-6868
or deb@float-yoga.com
72°F/80°F N/A Reserve
Pilates Mat 60 minutes Mat class will tone and strengthen your abs, back and buttocks, while offering so much more. Pilates helps with overall strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination. Feel total body control. Breathe, move, lengthen and invigorate your whole body. 72°F/80°F $12.50/1 Reserve
Beginner's Yoga 45 minutes Learn the basics of yoga in a safe space. 72°F/80°F $12.50/1
Warrior's Yoga 75 minutes Sun salutes precede MINDFUL martial arts drills. Kicking, & bodyweight conditioning add a blast to our metabolic boost, with some hip opening "cool down" yoga and concluding with seated meditation 72°F/80°F $12.50/1 Reserve
Sunday Scream!
Float Yoga - Hot Yoga
75 minutes Sweat & shout in this 75-minute class. We crank the thermostat to 90 degrees, rock the tunes really loud and MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Sun salutes, dynamic flow —this is our HOT on the mat class. Bring a towel and some H2O. 90°F $12.50/1 Reserve
Pound 60 minutes Full-body cardio jam session designed to channel your inner rock star. Specially engineered drumsticks called 'Ripstix' provide light resistance as you let loose in movements & poses inspired by yoga and pilates. 72°F/80°F $12.50/1 Reserve