Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

Margaret Ketchersid

Licensed Massage Therapist — MSG005688

I graduated from Lancaster School of Massage in March of 2006 and have been a full-time massage therapist ever since. I'm super excited to join Float as I've been coming here to get massages myself for the past several years! My massage work covers a wide spectrum but I find it especially rewarding to help clients get relief from head, neck, and jaw pain, and I LOVE a good, flowing massage as well.

When I'm not massaging I'm involved with our local roller derby team, the Dutchland Rollers, or out riding my bike. Iceland and the northern lights are two passions of mine so if you'd ever like recommendations or advice about a trip or tips on how to photograph auroras get in touch or come for a massage!

I look forward to seeing you soon!