Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

Katie Troutman

Registered Yoga Teacher

In 2010, I walked into my first yoga class at a local gym. I went in with the expectation that my body would just get it—I'd enjoy some stretching and call it a day. After 30 minutes, I quietly packed up my things— frustrated beyond belief—pouring sweat, my face a fiery shade of reddish-purple, and walked out, mid-class. Despite my countless years of dance training and an established workout routine which had already led to a 20lb+ weight loss, I could barely touch my toes!

Compared to everyone else, I looked like a fish out of water, flopping around on my mat. And, what in the world was a sun salutation? Chaturanga? Is that fancy for triceps push-ups and planking? I didn't sign up for all of that!

One week later, I went back, and kept going back. I eventually learned to drop the expectations I had unfairly created, and tried to let go of comparing myself to others in the class! Every body is different, no one practice will be the same as another. I learned a lot in those first 30 minutes. Little did I know, I had just taken my first step—albeit a small one—on my yoga journey.

In 2015, I decided to take my blossoming yoga practice one step further, and signed up for a local 200 hour yoga teacher training program. By April of 2016, I had obtained my 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification from Yoga Alliance and began teaching regularly at Float in August of 2016. It's taken many years of starting and stopping and figuring it out along the way, but yoga came into my life when I had no idea I needed it the most. My personal mantra: There is always success in trying. Begin where you are!