Float Yoga of Lancaster - Yoga, Pilates, Floating and Massage

Bradford Nicarry

Certified Yoga Teacher
Licensed Massage Therapist — MSG002898

My body/mind/spirit journey began in 1991 at Lititz World Tang Soo Do — with Master Kifilo. As my disciplines developed, I began teaching weekly karate classes in 1996, and achieved the rank of E Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt). I was fortunate to meet Judy Klunk during my black belt studies. By 2001, I was serious about an Ashtanga Yoga practice. The correlation and dichotomy found between the healing arts and the fighting arts are always remarkable.

Expanding on my disciplines and anatomy knowledge, I graduated in 2004 from the Baltimore School. My post-graduation credentials include: Thai Massage, Therapeutic Stretch, Rotator Cuff Release, Orthopedic Massage for Cervical Pain, Reflexology and Hot Stone.

In 2007, I began training 5-Animal Style Kung Fu and Tai Chi — with Sifu Nathan Groff, attaining the advanced Brown Sash level. By 2008, I was teaching weekly yoga classes in Lancaster, PA, leading to my 2012 completed training for “Floating Yoga,” with one of the top touring/performing aerial dance groups in NYC and Rhode Island.

Touring the East Coast for 17 years as a musician and founding band member of "Green Eggs,” has allowed me the opportunities to expand my yoga practice and to take in some of the indigenous asana. My class influence is largely "ashtanga/mutt." I try to blend levity with a serious practice.  Exploring all aspects of your asana practice is delicious. Celebrate the Yang: savor the Yin.